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Jobs(職業): What do you do?

What do you do? (職業はなんですか)

I'm a teacher. (私は先生です)

I'm a doctor. (私は医者です)

I'm a dentist. (私は歯科医です)

I'm a carpenter. (私は大工です)

I'm a pilot. (私はパイロットです)

What does he do?

He's a teacher. (彼は先生です)

What does she do?

She's a doctor. (彼女は医者です)

What does John do?

John is a dentist. (ジョンは歯科医です)

What does your mom do?

My mom is a nurse. (私のお母さんは看護師です)

What does your dad do?

My dad is a pilot. (私のお父さんはパイロットです)

What do you want to be? (あなたは何になりたい?)

I want to be a musician! (私はミュージシャンになりたい)

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